About Us

Florida Asian American Restaurant Alliance Inc is a non-profit corporation registered with the State of Florida. It aims to create professional leadership and provide restaurant businesses the resources and guidance needed to advance in the food service industry. Moreover, FLAARA has established Florida Asian American Business PC, which is a political committee registered with the State of Florida. It is an advocacy organization representing the interests and concerns of Asian American business owners in Florida, and advocate for policies and regulations that benefits their members and address their specific challenges.

At FLAARA, we provide information, advocacy, workshops, and other opportunities to restaurant professionals. We also support Asian American business owners with positive leadership and sound business practices in Florida.

Our Purpose

Policy Advocacy:
Advocate for favorable legislation and regulations that support Asian American businesses in Florida which includes the restaurant industry, such as tax incentives, labor laws, food safety regulations, etc.

Government Relations:
Building relationships with lawmakers and government officials to ensure the industry’s voice is heard in the policymaking process.

Economic Support:
Advocating for financial assistance or relief programs during times of crisis or economic downturns, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Training and Education:
Offering resources and training to restaurant owners and employees to improve business practices and enhance the overall industry’s reputation.

Public Relations:
Promoting positive perceptions of the restaurant industry to the general public and addressing any misconceptions or negative stereotypes.

Networking and Collaboration:
Facilitating connections among restaurant owners, suppliers, and other industry stakeholders to foster collaboration and shared knowledge.

Sustainability Initiatives:
Encouraging and supporting environmentally – friendly practices within the restaurant industry.

Upcoming Events

Member Benefits

Why you should join Florida Asian American Restaurant Alliance?

1. Advocacy and Representation: Members can expect the Alliance to advocate on their behalf, influencing policymakers and decision-makers to address industry-specific concerns, legislative issues, and regulations.

2. Legislative Updates: Regular updates on relevant legislation, regulations, and policy changes that could impact Asian American businesses in Florida such as the restaurant industry, keeping members informed and prepared.

3. Networking Opportunities: Access to networking events, conferences, and industry gatherings where members can connect with peers, suppliers, and potential business partners.

4. Education and Training: Workshops, seminars, webinars, and resources designed to enhance members’ skills, knowledge, and business practices, covering topics such as management, marketing, food safety, and sustainability.

5. Exclusive Discounts and Deals:
Special offers, discounts, and deals negotiated with suppliers, service providers, and industry partners, providing cost-saving opportunities.

6. Crisis Support and Relief:
Assistance during challenging times, such as natural disasters or economic downturns, including resources for disaster recovery or relief programs.

7. Public Relations and Marketing Support:
Opportunities to participate in promotional campaigns or public relations initiatives to improve Asian American businesses’ image and visibility.

8. Legal and Regulatory Guidance:
Support in understanding and complying with complex regulations, licenses, and permits.

Join Us

Florida Asian American Restaurant Alliance is pleased to extend a warm welcome to the following entities and individuals who wish to become a part of our community and contribute to our mission.