Florida Asian American Business Political Committee

What does Florida Asian American Business PC (“Political Committee”) do to help the Asian American community in Florida?

The Political Committee may engage in advocacy efforts to promote the interests of its members. This could involve lobbying government officials, policymakers, and legislators to support or oppose specific laws, regulations, or policies that impact the restaurant industry and/or Asian American businesses in Florida.

Candidate Endorsements:
Committees may endorse state-level political candidates who support the interests of the restaurant industry and encourage their members to support these candidates during elections.


Purpose and Activities:
The Political Committee engages in fundraising activities to support state and local political candidates who align with the interests and priorities of the restaurant industry and/or Asian American businesses in Florida. This could include organizing events and soliciting contributions from members, endorsing political candidates when appropriate, mobilizing restaurant owners, workers, and patrons to engage in political activities, and other work to advance our goals. When endorsing a candidate; the Political Committee considers a number of factors, and gives special consideration to candidates who are Asian American Business owners.